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PAPRIKA, a fast fashion leather handbag brand widely loved by Hong Kong SAR and China Mainland artistes and actresses. An extensive array of affordable, skillfully crafted and designed women’s handbags is now officially made available in Malaysia.


(Kuala Lumpur) Established in 2008, PAPRIKA is originated in Hong Kong SAR, started retail business of its own branded handbags and related accessories. Since it first rolled out the “Classic Map series”, the brand’s handbags were sold in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The artistes that have proudly owned PAPRIKA’s handbags include Jennifer Tse, Priscilla Wong, Zoie Tam, Samantha Ko, Ali Lee, Vincent Wong, Roxanne Tong and Grace Chan, of which some of them have even attended PAPRIKA official events.


During the age of e-commerce, PAPRIKA successfully penetrated via the T-mall e-commerce platform and has garnered a healthy follower base of about 105,000 which has been consistently gaining popularity on an annual basis, due to its affordable price with excellent quality craftsmanship.


PAPRIKA has set its vision to become one of the world’s most sought after leather handbag brand. First phase of its world-wide distribution strategy was diving into the ASEAN market and , being a fashion-forward country, Malaysia became one of the preferred countries.


As a distribution strategy on making its product available world-wide, PAPRIKA maintains 15 retail stores and 2 concessionaire counters in Hong Kong SAR, with its flagship store located in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui.  On a regional and world-wide level, PAPRIKA Hong Kong SAR works with official country partners, making their products highly accessible via multiple e-commerce channels. As such, SB Channel Distribution Sdn Bhd becomes the official distributor of PAPRIKA in Malaysia and the official e-commerce channel is


PAPRIKA has been a specialist in the women’s handbag industry over the past 10 years since the launch of many classic collections. The company’s commitment is to maintain its edge on design, craftmanship and the quality of materials used, sharing passion for design to a community of fashion enthusiast around the world.


As an overall theme, PAPRIKA is dedicated on the contribution of feminist confidence and subtle chicness, connecting women to fashion, allowing them to live adventurously through its fashionable design.